//DDP Yoga: It Ain’t Your Mama’s Yoga!
DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga: It Ain’t Your Mama’s Yoga!

Diamond Dallas Page, the founder of DDP Yoga, was one of the most surprising fan favorites to emerge out of the famed Monday Night Wars between WWE and the now defunct WCW. Page has defied the odds throughout his career, a career that almost never was. DDP, as he became known to his fans in WCW, didn’t even begin his Hall of Fame career until age 35. Even then, he still took another 5 years to become the fan favorite he eventually became. Page made the Diamond Cutter famous using it to defeat such wrestling icons as Hollywood Hogan and Goldberg. He managed to become a three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and a face of WCW during its most successful period.

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A career ending injury?

Page suffered what doctors told him should have been a career ending back injury in the late 1990’s. He was informed that his career was all but over when he met with his doctors. After such a meteoric rise as a relatively late age in the sports entertainment industry, DDP wouldn’t have it all end just like that. He discovered the amazing, healing power of yoga at that time. Yoga would put him back on the road to being in fighting shape and actually extended his career far longer than any doctor could have imagined.

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DDP Yoga is born

When he eventually decided to hang up the boots, Page took his yoga to the next level and created DDP Yoga. His personal fitness brand is based right outside of Atlanta, Ga. Being a former professional wrestler, you know he had to have a catch phrase for his brand. “It ain’t your mama’s yoga” is the slogan Page uses in his marketing materials. The program combines traditional yoga techniques with a cardio workout that is meant to increase the heart rate. Page refers to it as, “cardio yoga.”

Along with working out, DDP highly recommended that people really look at what they are consuming and putting into their bodies. In a recent interview with the huffingtonpost.com Page said, “I try to smarten people up just so they know what they are really eating. It’s working. It’s finally working. If you don’t eat a lot of good food—a lot of protein and workout really hard, it ain’t gonna do anything. You’ll never see this stuff discussed on television, but you’ll see it on Netflix. Netflix is the new television. It comes from learning. If you still eat shit and you don’t work out, you’re going to stay fat. That’s just the way it is. You gotta work,” he nodded.

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Successes in marketing and sales

Page has utilized social media very successfully as his primary marketing tool. His company’s Facebook account has over 193,000 followers to date, and his Twitter account has over 200,000. This is in addition to the 440,000 that follow his personal Twitter handle. Page initially wrote a book titled, “Yoga for Regular Guys: The Best Damn Workout on the Planet“. They initially went to marker selling DVDs, and sold more than 300,000 units. Since then they have focused on the digital space, developing an app that offers workouts, nutrition plans, and motivational material.

Follow DDP Yoga

As DDP would say, get ready to feel the bang! You can see DDP YOGA success stories by following the program on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also follow Diamond Dallas Page on his Facebook, and Twitter as well. You can learn more about DDP YOGA by clicking here.

Not only can DDP Yoga be used for the various reasons mentioned in this post, but yoga can also be useful in the treatment of many other ailments.  Our friends over at GoodGutsGirl.com have also featured DDP Yoga on their site describing the many benefits of DDP Yoga for IBD sufferers.  this is just one example of why DDP Yoga is great for so many potential reasons.  We really are excited for DDP and hope that his program continues to flourish for people in all walks of life, not merely former professional wrestlers.